February always feels more like the start of the New Year than January for me….especially this year after we had Covid go through the entire house and I was home for most of the month! I’m grateful to report that we have all recovered and I now feel very ready to start 2022. 

I’ve thought a lot about how little control we’ve had in our lives over the past two years. The constant change and instability has been hard for so many of us. I know that I really struggled with it during the early parts of the pandemic but have slowly found peace with having things go unplanned. And isn’t this how most of life is anyways? I feel the more we can surrender to it…the deeper peace we can find internally and within our bodies. 

With that, I hope you are finding your way in 2022 and able to make some time to take care of yourself. This is what I love most about Whole Living Pilates. I love that we can be a place for you to come and reconnect to your body, build strength and release stress. 

February Workshops at Whole Living: 

Melt Rebalance Workshop:
Join us this Saturday, February 5th at noon for a new 75 min MELT workshop to reconnect with your body and release stuck stress. If you have never tried the MELT method before or currently practice MELT at home, this workshop is for you. We will start with a Hand and Foot treatment, followed by the Rebalance Sequence to help you decrease pain and restore balance to your nervous system. Next, we will work on the upper back and release your neck. The session will end with a mini face treatment that will lift your face and give your winter skin a beauty boost. This workshop will be taught by Bonnie Andrzejczak, Level Melt Instructor.

Only 2 spots left! $40 Sign up below:


Yoga Nidra Workshop:
Do you find yourself run down or exhausted? Are you wanting to explore a deeper sense of connection & wholeness? These and many other factors may be calling you to the practice Yoga Nidra. 

Yoga Nidra or “Yogic Sleep” is a systematic way of relaxing the entire body, allowing the body and mind to rest, while awakening you at your deepest core level.  This ushers us into a space of deep rejuvenation and healing. This beautiful practice is accessible to all – no prior experience needed. 

During this workshop we will get a brief overview of Yoga Nidra, then be guided through a practice together. This workshop will be taught by Sara Johnson.

These workshops usually sell out. Join us on Friday, February 25th at 5pm. $40 Sign up below:


New Melt Classes now offered at Whole Living Pilates:

Wed at 10am The Melt Method Class taught by Tammy Awtry

Fri 1:30pm Gentle Melt/Pilates Class taught by Bonnie Andrzejczak

Go here to book your classes: https://wholelivingpilates.com/booking/

Want to know more about Melt? Go here to find out more: https://wholelivingpilates.com/the-melt-method/

We are continually excited about all we have to offer at the studio. Our small class sizes and personalized care help us to offer you the very best and we so are grateful our community!

We hope to see you soon! 

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