Dear Friends,

Every day I try to wrap my brain around what’s happening and every day I struggle to process it all. I’m sure I am not alone. In times of distress we look for anchors and the familiar, for something to assure us that all is well. I have come to the conclusion that this is just part of our collective experience now and the more grace we can give ourselves, the easier we will navigate through each day. But man…it’s just hard and I wanted to acknowledge that with you. 

Here are some things that are helping me in this time:

1. I’m learning to let go of everything that’s not absolutely essential right now. 

Basically, I’m giving myself permission to not do all the things. Week 1 at home… I had so many plans of everything I was going to get done. Then Week 2 hit. Reality hit. Grief hit. I realized that I truly needed to give myself more compassion now than ever. 

2. You might be feeling really tired lately.  It’s ok to get all the rest you can.

The disruption to our lives has left us all in a state of shock. We’re using a lot of energy just to process how we are feeling and our bodies are taking the brunt of it. I’ve personally noticed some of my old injuries and pain centers reappear. I believe we are feeling everything in our bodies first and that’s a lot of emotion to carry around. I’m trying to get more sleep now that I don’t have to be up so early every day.  I hope you can allow yourself to rest more too.

3. Get outside when you can and breath some fresh air.

Just a short walk or time in nature can be so good for your brain and can help your body to release tension. Even if it’s just a walk around the block, see if you can get outside several times during the week. This has really helped lift my mood. 

4. On that note…move to feel better not to beat your body up. 

Movement always makes me feel better but I like to compare this time to when I was pregnant with my sons. My exercise and movement goals were different during that time. I wanted to move to feel better in my body. I wasn’t trying to train for a marathon or some big goal. I just wanted to stay healthy and maintain some strength. I don’t know about you but all these fitness challenges I’m seeing lately are not what I need right now. So I encourage you to give yourself some grace here too. Move to nurture and restore your body and take the pressure off from having to do more than you feel able to now. 

5. Give yourself grace for how you’re eating right now. 

I have had more bread, pasta etc in the last few weeks than in a very long time. Yes, I’m trying to eat healthy and nourishing meals but I’ve definitely not been eating my normal diet. And guess what? I’m not going to shame myself for what I’m eating or not eating right now. We are doing are best and that is ok. I hope you can love yourself in this too. 

6. Lastly, stay connected with others in whatever way you can. 

It’s so amazing how many different support groups are available now. I’m seeing friends and family hanging out online, social hours and so much more. I’m so grateful for the “instant” Online community we were able to create here at Whole Living. Getting to see and connect with others in this way has definitely become a highlight of my day. If your’e wanting to connect with us here, we would love to have you but ultimately we hope you can find what you need now to stay connected.

These are just a few of the things that are helping me. Just know that I’m thinking of you and here for you. Sending you a virtual hug and so much love today.

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