We are all finding our way…

Dear Friends,

I snapped this picture on a hike a couple weeks ago and was reminded that beauty always surrounds us. As we navigate our way through another week of staying home and trying to live life in this new way….my thoughts are with you. There’s a part of me that really wants to define what I’m feeling in this time and to understand better what’s happening internally. I’m noticing so many things coming up for me emotionally and physically which I touched on in my last blog. 

I’ve wondered if this peeling away of all our routines, patterns and comfort zones is somehow starting to reveal a bit more of what really matters. I will admit this process isn’t easy. It’s uncomfortable and I’m finding myself avoiding going deeper most of the time. There are moments though when I’m able to get a little quieter, breathe and really look inward at what my heart is trying to say to me. 

There are no “right’ ways of getting through this crazy time. Most of my days are filled with navigating 3 teen boys at home all day…you know just trying to get them up at a decent hour, getting through their online school, feeding them and trying to work from home. It’s usually a bit chaotic and pretty messy but I’m also seeing the gift this time is too. I do believe there are small gifts available to each of us to help us every day. This is what I’m searching for and starting to slowly see.

Last night the weather was so warm and beautiful. We spent the evening in our backyard, hanging out with the boys by the fire and watching the moon rise. Moments like these don’t happen everyday but I’m so grateful when they do. I’m grateful for time to just be, to slow down and to take in the beauty around us. 

I won’t diminish the fact that this is such a hard time for all of us, but have you found any gifts, any new ways of being that you want to bring with you moving forward? I’m really looking hard at how I want to live and be as we transition in the next phase of life. Sending you my love this week and beyond! 

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With my heartfelt thanks,

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Whole Living Pilates Studio Re-Opening

We are happy to announce that Whole Living Pilates received permission from the El Paso County Health Department to re-open for Private and Semi-Private Sessions on May 4th, 2020 with strict guidelines.

We will be re-opening for Small Group Classes (max 3)  starting May 18th, 2020. Reach out to us today to schedule your private sessions or book your classes. Classes are quickly filling up due to smaller class sizes. We will continue to offer a limited amount of Online Classes each week and add new in-person classes as needed. We look forward to seeing you soon!