I hope this blog post finds you well! It is not lost on me the kind of rollercoaster we have all faced over the last several months. At times, I feel I’m managing quite well then other times everything feels overwhelming. I’m sure you’ve felt similar things as well. With school starting for most this week…I realize this is a whole new reality we are all facing as well. 

When I opened Whole Living Pilates 3.5 years ago…it was always my hope that this place would be an oasis for our clients. I wanted this to be a place where you could come and for a short time focus completely reconnect to your own body, mind and spirit and leave feeling refreshed and strong. The support and community that has also blossomed from this place, continues to be a huge blessing for both myself and all of our staff. 

In this last season, we’ve navigated the reality of shutting down, starting an Online studio, opening up and working through our Covid-19 guidelines. I feel grateful that we’ve been able to stay open and continue to serve our clients. We are a small, family owned (woman owned) business and the support from our clients has meant the world to me this year. As we head into Fall, we hope to continue to bring to you a sense of community and reprieve from all that you might be facing in life as well. I know Pilates for me…continues to be life-line for my overall wellness. 

If you’re looking for a safe place to workout and release stress, we are here for you! With our class sizes limited to 4 max, our social distancing and Covid-19 Guidelines, we feel confident in our efforts to keep both clients and staff safe during this time. 

Check out our current offers on our website here: https://wholelivingpilates.com

We continue to offer both Small Group classes and private and semi-private training in our studio along with 3 Online Classes every week. Email me today to book your private session or check out our schedule below for our Group Classes:

Interested in booking a time just for your friends and/or family to come in? We can also set this up for you with one of our highly trained instructors. Feel free to message me today to book. 

Have a beautiful week…especially for those navigating the start of school! We hope to see you soon!  

With my heartfelt thanks,
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