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Welcome to Whole Living Pilates

We are a boutique Pilates studio in Colorado Springs dedicated to seeing our clients grow strong, inside and out. See results quickly with our state-of-the-art instruction and equipment. Experience a beautiful, modern studio unlike any other in the area. It’s a peaceful, welcoming place to transform your body and strengthen your soul. Join us!

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Small Group Pilates

At Whole Living Pilates we believe in the power of community. Our small group Pilates classes are at the heart of what we do.  Limited to 5 clients per class, you will find encouragement from others and detailed instruction from your teacher focused in on you and your goals. 

Private Training

Work one-on-one with our highly trained instructors in a safe, private space to take your Pilates experience to the next level. Your instructor will custom-design a program suited to your unique challenges and goals and guide you toward success.

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“Change happens through Movement and Movement Heals” – Joseph Pilates

What Clients are Saying

Nicole has helped me regain my body AND my mind-body connection! Her corrections and suggestions improve my form and help me get stronger. Best Pilates instructor I have ever taken from!

-Mary Sue Powers

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