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Whole Living Pilates studio is conveniently located behind The Promenade Shops at Briargate at 1750 Telstar Dr., Suite 120, minutes off Interstate 25 in North Colorado Springs. At Whole Living Pilates, we believe your practice of Pilates supports your journey toward a whole body, whole mind, and whole spirit. Our modern, peaceful studio features state-of-the-art equipment and instruction. Join us and you’ll get::

  • Improved core strength
  • Better posture, balance, and flexibility
  • Increased back strength
  • Improved balanced musculature for efficient movement
  • More energy and endurance for day-to-day life
  • A re-energized mind and motivation for overall health
  • The only studio in the area with equipment byPilates Designs
  • A peaceful, beautifully designed space that facilitates a stronger mind-body connection
  • Compassionate, highly qualified instructors who tailor their teaching to your needs
  • A safe community of supportive, inspiring people to grow alongside

Here at Whole Living Pilates, we strive to provide the most hands-on, personal, and effective Pilates experience in Colorado Springs. Whether you’re in search of a new locale to practice Pilates, are just beginning Pilates, are seeking private Pilates training in Colorado Springs, feel the need to begin a Pilates for Seniors program, or would like to supplement your current physical therapy, we are here to help. Take a look at the packages we provide, ask us any questions you have, and reach out to get started.
Transform, Renew, and Energize your whole self at Whole Living Pilates.

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Meet our Instructors

nicole field pilates instructor and studio owner

Nicole Field

Pilates instructor, Studio Owner, PMA®-CPT
tammy awtry pilates instructor in Colorado springs

Tammy Awtry

Pilates instructor, PMA®-CPT
olivia grace wolfe pilates instructor in colorado springs

Olivia Grace Wolfe

Pilates instructor
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