I wanted to get healthy after 35 years of being a business woman in a very stressful industry. I retired and started working on my health. I met Nicole more than 5 years ago and have never looked back. Here are some the results that I’ve seen in those 5 years:

  • My lower back problems are much better
  • My flexibility is much better (although I’ll never have great flexibility)
  • My balance is much better
  • I’m much stronger
  • And, most importantly, I feel much better

I love the way Nicole teaches. She is very patient ( especially with older women like me)  but will push you when needed. Nicole is a Master Pilates teacher but she is always learning more. I look forward to my classes each week.

-Peggy Carmack

I began my Pilates journey with Nicole over 5 years ago, after recognizing that aging was making staying fit more of a challenge. I absolutely hate working out and I hate to sweat, but I knew I needed to find something that would keep me healthy and strong. Nicole was instrumental in helping me recover from 2 major surgeries. She put together a great plan that had both myself and my doctor surprised with how quickly I was able to recover and regain my strength. I always leave each class inspired by her positive, and upbeat attitude!

-Chante Wrecke

As a Pilates Instructor my standards are very high. I do not hesitate to pay to participate in Nicole’s classes and I arrange my schedule around the classes she teaches. Her deep knowledge of the Classical Pilates Method is evident in the classes she teaches. I look forward to every class I take with her and each time I learn and grow as a Pilates student and teacher. I leave class wanting more and excited to come back. I not only take her classes to become physically stronger but mentally as well.  Pilates breaks down the stress I hold in my shoulders and neck that causes pain and headaches. I have walked into a class in pain and left feeling the huge release I gained from class. Nicole is professional, knowledgeable, and cares about every student she comes in contact with.

-Tammy Awtry

Nicole has helped me re-gain my body AND my mind-body connection! I have taken her reformer classes for years because I love her teaching style.  Her cues are accurate, her corrections and suggestions improve my form and help me get stronger.  She is encouraging and motivating.  Best Pilates instructor I have ever taken from!

-Mary Sue Powers


I have been taking Pilates classes with Nicole for almost 2 years. In the past I have had bulging disc pain, painful nerve issues and TMD.  I am pain free and feel better than I ever have because of Pilates.  Nicole is a fabulous instructor.  She uses a gentle holistic approach and gives clear instructions and precise cues.  Knowing my health history, she is concerned and careful to remind me of modifications.  She is encouraging, patient and friendly.   Nicole has a passion for helping people and for the way in which Pilates can improve peoples’ lives.

-Amy Personius

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