Mindy Goodin - Pilates client at Whole Living Pilates in Colorado Springs

I had suffered from severe right sided sacroiliac pain for over two years. It affected everything I did. It interrupted my sleep, and kept me from doing activities I loved. I was afraid to pick up my grandkids. The pain made me grumpy and depressed as well.

I had a nerve ablation to the sacroiliac which helped some, but the muscles surrounding the area were unaffected and I still had pain and spasms constantly.

I saw an excellent chiropractor who helped significantly. After several months, I was much better, but not out of pain, and the area was easily aggravated. I realized that I had to make changes on MY end of things. The chiropractor suggested Pilates. Best advice I ever got!

I found Whole Living Pilates and it changed my life! I know that sounds melodramatic, but I have no more back pain. The muscles in my low back, pelvis, and around my sacroiliac are stronger and balanced. My whole body is stronger and more flexible. I have no plans to quit!

Tammy Awtry has been my incredible coach. She understands what I have gone through, works closely with me, and has always adapted to my needs. I feel like she has taken this journey as a partner as well as a coach. Her enthusiasm, knowledge, attention to detail, and encouragement have been the best part of my improvement!

It may sound corny, but the other changes I have seen include no more depression, greater confidence to do the things I want, and a lot more energy. My diet is better and I have lost a little weight. Quite a cascade effect from a simple question, “considered Pilates?”

-Mindy Goodin

I wanted to get healthy after 35 years of being a business woman in a very stressful industry. I retired and started working on my health. I met Nicole more than 5 years ago and have never looked back. Here are some the results that I’ve seen in those 5 years:

  • My lower back problems are much better
  • My flexibility is much better (although I’ll never have great flexibility)
  • My balance is much better
  • I’m much stronger
  • And, most importantly, I feel much better

I love the way Nicole teaches. She is very patient ( especially with older women like me)  but will push you when needed. Nicole is a Master Pilates teacher but she is always learning more. I look forward to my classes each week.

-Peggy Carmack

I began my Pilates journey with Nicole over 5 years ago, after recognizing that aging was making staying fit more of a challenge. I absolutely hate working out and I hate to sweat, but I knew I needed to find something that would keep me healthy and strong. Nicole was instrumental in helping me recover from 2 major surgeries. She put together a great plan that had both myself and my doctor surprised with how quickly I was able to recover and regain my strength. I always leave each class inspired by her positive, and upbeat attitude!

-Chante Wrecke

As a Pilates Instructor my standards are very high. I do not hesitate to pay to participate in Nicole’s classes and I arrange my schedule around the classes she teaches. Her deep knowledge of the Classical Pilates Method is evident in the classes she teaches. I look forward to every class I take with her and each time I learn and grow as a Pilates student and teacher. I leave class wanting more and excited to come back. I not only take her classes to become physically stronger but mentally as well.  Pilates breaks down the stress I hold in my shoulders and neck that causes pain and headaches. I have walked into a class in pain and left feeling the huge release I gained from class. Nicole is professional, knowledgeable, and cares about every student she comes in contact with.

-Tammy Awtry

Nicole has helped me re-gain my body AND my mind-body connection! I have taken her reformer classes for years because I love her teaching style.  Her cues are accurate, her corrections and suggestions improve my form and help me get stronger.  She is encouraging and motivating.  Best Pilates instructor I have ever taken from!

-Mary Sue Powers

I have been taking Pilates classes with Nicole for almost 2 years. In the past I have had bulging disc pain, painful nerve issues and TMD.  I am pain free and feel better than I ever have because of Pilates.  Nicole is a fabulous instructor.  She uses a gentle holistic approach and gives clear instructions and precise cues.  Knowing my health history, she is concerned and careful to remind me of modifications.  She is encouraging, patient and friendly.   Nicole has a passion for helping people and for the way in which Pilates can improve peoples’ lives.

-Amy Personius

Gray Whitney Avatar
Gray Whitney
Love doing Pilates here! Everything is extremely clean and the instructors are top notch 🙏🏼
Victoria Harley Avatar
Victoria Harley
For years I have searched for an exercise to supplement the only other exercise I do, walking. Fortunately, I was guided to Whole Living Pilates, where I signed up for two Pilates classes weekly. What an incredible experience! I have tried so many other exercise options, but this is totally new to me and exactly what I needed and wanted. The smaller studio is calm and peaceful with personal attention to all, and with very well-trained professional instructors. I have now attended for over six months and am reaping the benefits of these 50-minute classes. I would highly recommend Whole Living to anyone looking for something that strengthens the core, enhances flexibility, helps muscle tone, all while being enjoyable and fun. Love this place!
Christopher Kaster Avatar
Christopher Kaster
Allison is a great instructor and this is a cool studio with nice equipment.
Pam Scott Avatar
Pam Scott
Great experience with Nicole at Whole living Pilates! First session was amazing… Nicole is very knowledgeable! Very cozy place you will love it!! Thanks Nicole can’t wait for our next session!
Kegan Boner Avatar
Kegan Boner
Came her to try pilates for the first time. Could not have asked for a better experience. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to do pilates.
Crystal Rodriguez Avatar
Crystal Rodriguez
Great vibes and great service, staff is super friendly as well!
Eric&Debi Furches Avatar
Eric&Debi Furches
I've been going to classes at Whole Living Pilates for several years and I LOVE it here! The instructors are great and the studio is clean. I am 64 and have advanced osteoporosis and I feel comfortable that my workouts here are safe for my age and that modifications are made to address my physical challenges.
Melissa Beulin Avatar
Melissa Beulin
I love this pilates studio! The teachers are great and I really like that the studio is smaller and more personal.
Lori Neigh Avatar
Lori Neigh
Nicole and her team are so fabulous... I’d highly recommend this studio to anyone! Participating regularly in the weekly classes is one of the best things I do for my body.
Lisa Marie Rollins Avatar
Lisa Marie Rollins
I've had the joy of working with Nicole in private training since October 2020. I'm just in my 50s, facing some health issues, but mostly just want to improve my strength and stamina. From our first meeting, its clear to me that Nicole's technique, her generosity and listening skills only add to her knowledge as a mind/body coach. I feel stronger, I now consider her a friend, and I appreciate show she knows when to push me and when I need more support / need to back off. Our bodies are sacred and Whole Living Pilates attends to the sacredness and to "where you are", all while helping you get STRONG!! I can't speak to the group classes but I have no doubt they are as excellent in quality as the personal / private training!
Leith McHugh Avatar
Leith McHugh
Whole Living Pilates is a breath of fresh air. From the ambiance of the studio to the teachers to the content of the classes. Simple yet challenging. I love this place!
Kirsten Ford Avatar
Kirsten Ford
The instructors are friendly and caring. They are expertly trained and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this studio.
Christopher J Avatar
Christopher J
All of the teachers communicate clearly and also convey energy and knowledge while maintaining their own individual and unique styles. I think that the teachers are able to challenge and improve all-comers independent of experience. Connecting😉 with Whole Living Pilates classes very well could be one of the better moves you ever make.
Allison Juhl Avatar
Allison Juhl
I can’t say enough good things about Whole Living Pilates! The instructors are all incredibly knowledgeable. They will work with you at your level and focus on each individual’s needs, even in group classes. Whole Living Pilates has handled the ups and downs of 2020 seamlessly. I transitioned to online classes earlier this year and have continued to grow stronger, improving each week.
Krista Goode Avatar
Krista Goode
Nicole lead my group of friends through an amazing hour of pilates. I previously took a few private lessons from her and coming back after a break was a breath of fresh air. I couldn't believe how quickly the hour passed by, the joy of working different body muscles, and the positive feeling at the end. Thank you !!
Crystal Piercy Avatar
Crystal Piercy
Highly recommend Nicole Field and her team. We’ve also worked with Marla and Tammy now and each phenomenal in their own way. ❤️ Thank you for what you do and being true professionals in your craft!
Crystal Martinez-Piercy Avatar
Crystal Martinez-Piercy
Loving our weekly Reformer sesh with the ladies over at Whole Living Pilates. Rethinking the way we workout and seeing the difference already 🙌🏼
Highly recommend Nicole Field and her team. We’ve also worked with Marla and Tammy now and each phenomenal in their own way. ❤️ Thank you for what you do and being true professionals in your craft!
Joseph Kienath Avatar
Joseph Kienath
Absolutely an amazing studio and Nicole is the best! 5 star for a reason and highly recommend signing up!
Norton Park Avatar
Norton Park
Come check it out.......it's good for you. I have some medical issues and I have been using Pilates to prevent myself from going back into surgery. Whole Living Pilates has a very nice environment and I enjoy working with the instructors. Great for working on core and learning how to activate the correct muscles.
Raina Seabaugh Avatar
Raina Seabaugh
I tried pilates for the first time today as part of Colorado Springs Fitness Week. Very welcoming environment and instructor, imaculate studio, convenient location. The instructor was very knowledgable and corrected my form, was positive and encouraging, and had hilarious ways to describe how to move my body into the correct position. Very cool experience, highly recommended.
Beth Morin Avatar
Beth Morin
I am so very thankful for Nicole and Whole Living Pilates! I began coming to see Nicole after ending months of PT, following a spinal fusion surgery and nerve damage in my foot. She personally spoke to my PT to find out what would work best for me ~ safely helping to strengthen my foot and back in my journey back to overall health (especially my core). She has been amazingly patient and encouraging in this process ~ always very knowledgeable with what will work best and not cause any pain. She even began a class for those of us with "special needs"! I have always felt confident in the exercises she leads us through ~ she has been a godsend in my recovery! I would strongly recommend Nicole and Whole Living Pilates ~ she is a wonderful instructor and I enjoy the studio too!
Jody Tieken-Holecek Avatar
Jody Tieken-Holecek
Wow! I just have to say that Nicole has been an amazing instructor! I've been taking semi-private lessons thanks to a dear friend of mine inviting me along. Nicole is poised, patient, explains the benefits of each exercise, and adjusts us or the reformer to make sure we are getting the greatest benefit without impacting existing injuries. She and every instructor I've encountered have been welcoming, friendly, and made me feel like a member of the Whole Living Pilates family from the start! Thank you!
Lynn Chantler Avatar
Lynn Chantler
Whole Living Pilates is a blessing and has helped me strengthen my body and core in ways that I didn't even realize I could. Living with various physical challenges from autoimmune disease, I am thankful for the individualized attention of Nicole and the other instructors to help me safely and successfully experience Pilates in the fullest way possible. It has helped me stay strong so I can live an active and healthy lifestyle. I love the simplicity and calmness of the studio and the small class sizes. It is a place where everyone is welcome and made to feel comfortable no matter what your limitations, exercise goals, or health challenges are. I'm so grateful to have found this form of exercise and this particular studio, not only for how it has benefited my body, but also for the care and concern of the instructors for each person.
Susie Reese, RN,BSN Avatar
Susie Reese, RN,BSN
I have never been on a pilates reformer before. My instructor, Annie McCarty is an amazing and fun coach! In just 3 sessions I feel stonger and more toned!The facility is beautiful, clean and chic!Love it!
Katherine Smith Avatar
Katherine Smith
I've been coming to the studio for 2 months now doing both private lessons and classes, all the instructors I've worked with are fabulous!!
Lynn Bullock Avatar
Lynn Bullock
I have been coming here for about a year. It was my first experience using Pilates apparatus/reformer. It has been amazing! The studio is so nice and the instructors are amazing--LOVE Nicole and Tammy! I have gotten so much stronger. Would definitely recommend to anyone. You won't be disappointed!
Jennafer Weary Avatar
Jennafer Weary
What a GREAT Pilates studio with amazing instructors to boot!! The studio is nice and clean and utilizes top notch equipment. Nicole and Tammy are outstanding instructors - extremely knowledgeable and able to teach and challenge at any level. I've enjoyed their classes for a little over a year and definitely notice results. I would absolutely recommend Whole Living Pilates to friends and family!
Dana Williams Avatar
Dana Williams
Whole Living Pilates studio is an immaculate inviting studio and Nicole is an amazing instructor! I have been taking private classes with her and she focuses on what my needs are instead of just giving me a blanket routine. She is caring and warm and enjoyable to be around. I cannot say enough about my time there- I have shown great improvement thus far and get more and more connected every class. I highly recommend Pilates with Nicole at Whole Living for anyone thinking about trying it!
AnnaMarie Poskey Avatar
AnnaMarie Poskey
I just completed my 3 persona sessions with Nicole and I can say she is amazing and my results are amazing. I am currently struggling with some major health battles. I have lost so much muscle that I can barely hold my water bottle. Nicole has tailor made my workouts for me. She has taken into account my limitations and where my body is and created something I can do!! This is amazing for me. We scheduled my sessions so my body would not be over worked as that I would have time to work at home. Pilates can be for everyone no matter where you start at!! Nicole and the staff at Whole Living Pilates are the place to start. I am blessed that I found Nicole!!
Dana Williams Avatar
Dana Williams
Nicole is an amazing instructor and woman! She is explains things very clearly and is patient, understanding and caring. She listens to your needs and what your body can or cannot do and adjusts her instruction so that the classes/training works for you specifically! I cannot say enough great things about her or her studio.
Leigh Marcella Avatar
Leigh Marcella
I have been taking Pilates for several months with Nicole. From day one day one she has made me feel at ease and very comfortable. I have also had the chance to have classes with Olivia Grace and Tammy these ladies are as awesome as Nicole. I enjoy the classes and can’t wait for the next one. I feel so much stronger and better since taking Pilates.
Raina Stricklan Seabaugh Avatar
Raina Stricklan Seabaugh
I tried pilates for the first time today as part of Colorado Springs Fitness Week. Very welcoming environment and instructor, imaculate studio, convenient location. The instructor was very knowledgable and corrected my form, was positive and encouraging, and had hilarious ways to describe how to move my body into the correct position. Very cool experience, highly recommended.
Katherine Williams Smith Avatar
Katherine Williams Smith
This studio is amazing! I've been taking private lessons with Tammy for two months and just started small group classes. All the instructors are very knowledgeable and encouraging.
Debbie Nuffer Avatar
Debbie Nuffer
My physiotherapist encouraged me to give Pilates a try and felt like it would add to my whole body wellness. I'm in the over 50 age group and was nervous that my body wouldn't be able to do Pilates. Nicole was incredible at communicating with me as I navigated getting started; answered all my questions, followed up with phone calls and prompt emails. I just finished my Private introduction classes with Olivia Grace and couldn't be happier with my experience. Olivia has been patient, encouraging and in tune with my goals. I already feel stronger and more confident. I'm looking forward to continuing my wellness journey at Whole Living Pilates with Olivia.
Teru Faye Sasaki Avatar
Teru Faye Sasaki
I just finished private introduction and classes at Whole Living Pilates. I've only had mat instruction in the past and wanted to learn about the Reformer and if it was right for me. I must say that the classes with Nicole were phenomenal. I did not know what to expect but Nicole was so patient, professional and knowledgeable. At the same time she made it fun and we laughed a lot and she really made me feel comfortable and confident. I am a senior citizen and she made me feel like I did the routines pretty good and was so good at explaining the mind body connection. I have a lot to learn but my body already feels so much stronger and connected. Thanks Nicole for making this experience so positive. I can't wait to start classes. Really appreciate your patience and sincerity.
Paula Butler Avatar
Paula Butler
It's great to have Whole Living Pilates and Nichole in Colorado Springs! A beautiful facility, with top notch instruction! Nichole's attention to form ensures your workout is safe and effective, and her classes let you walk out the door feeling stronger and more balanced in body and mind! I'm happy to call Whole Living Pilates "my studio".
Amy Personius Avatar
Amy Personius
Nicole is the best Pilates teacher. At 51, I stand 1/2 inch taller than I ever have before because of Nicole's Pilates class. My teenage son was measuring his height, so I joined in. He measured me 3 times- and my husband did too- I measured 1/2 inch taller. I am amazed at all the benefits of Plates and Nicole always makes sure I get the most out of every workout. Thank you so much Nicole!!!
Tim Bonack Avatar
Tim Bonack
I am a Physical Therapist and Canadian Trained Osteopath that feels that Pilates is an excellent form of exercise for almost everyone. My wife and I have both attended classes at Nicole's studio. I am very impressed with the studio itself, as well as the knowledge base and professionalism of Nicole and the rest of the staff. I routinely refer patients that need gentle exercise and whole body/core strengthening to Whole Living Pilates . They have all been very pleased with their experience as well. I will continue to refer patients to this studio and I recommend them in the highest regard.
Terra Milliken Avatar
Terra Milliken
This is hands down my favorite studio to practice Pilates. You walk in and feel such a positive vibe. The equipment is top notch and the classes are challenging and inspiring at the same time. Pilates has changed my life in so many positive ways and attending this studio has helped strengthen my practice. So thankful to be a part of the Whole Living community!
Craig Smart Avatar
Craig Smart
Ok, for anyone out there who is wondering if pilates is for them...........it is!!! Give Whole Living Pilates a shot and you will NOT be disppointed! It will change your body, your mind and your life. I went to a free class offered by Nicole and never looked back. I am new to pilates and have been a student for almost two months now and I am absolutely in love with it! I already feel and see major changes in my body and mind. The intructers are super fun, knowledgable, encouraging and never fail to challenge and push me to my full potential. I love that! They will meet you where you are and teach you to how to properly move on to the next level as you progress. I truly look forward to every class and I hope to see more and more new faces in the studio! Sheila Smart
Ryan Mantz Avatar
Ryan Mantz
Great business lead with integrity and passion for what they do! You won't find a more genuine person to work with than Nicole!
Jenna McMullin Avatar
Jenna McMullin
This studio has it all -- top-notch apparatus, knowledgable instructors and a great atmosphere. I was so glad to find a studio with strong classical roots and classes that provide a full body workout. Can't wait to come back!
Courtney Prindle Avatar
Courtney Prindle
I've been wanting to try Pilates for quite some time. I finally reached out to Nicole and she got me set up in the studio. I've never felt more comfortable or welcomed in a fitness setting. I was very hesitant to start something like Pilates since I had no experience but that doesn't matter here at WLPilates. I have worked with both Nicole and Terra so far and couldn't be happier. They are the absolute sweetest and you can tell in their teaching how important Pilates is to them and teaching it to others. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is wanting to give it a try, experienced or not! Can't wait to see where my Pilates adventure takes me!!
MsTamdrew Avatar
Finally a classical Pilates studio in Colorado Springs! It is true to Joseph Pilates' vision with classical equipment and classical instruction. Nicole is an amazing instructor. I moved here from the East Coast and I've been waiting for a studio like this to open for a long time. I have seen great improvements in my Pilates practice since I began working out here.
Chante' Wrecke Avatar
Chante' Wrecke
Nicole has formed a fantastic instruction team, and created the most beautiful space, furnished with superb equipment. I have had the best results in the short time of her opening, then I've had in my 5 years of practice. My favorite way to start the day!
Sarah Beth Grant Avatar
Sarah Beth Grant
I've been wanting to come for a while now and I am so glad that I did. I went to a fun, easy, beginner class this morning and woke up muscles I haven't used in a long time. Nicole really knew when to guide me, as a newbie, at the right time, even when a muscle cramped as I let my left abdominal muscle go- she knew exactly what happened, and taught me to strengthen my left side more. Awesome class! Thank you!
Mary Sue Powers Avatar
Mary Sue Powers
Gorgeous space, the best equipment, and my favorite Pilates instructor. LOVE Whole Living Pilates!
Anne Weidhaas Avatar
Anne Weidhaas
Beautiful new studio with a variety of classes for all levels. The owner of the studio is a fantastic teacher who can modify teaching for all levels and abilities.
Molly Rose English Avatar
Molly Rose English
Beautiful, Clean and Modern studio, ideal location and the Best Pilates Instructor! Professional and Effective! That's Nicole Field!

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