Our greatest desire for our clients is to partner with them in their healing journey towards a stronger and healthier life. Please take a moment to read the heartfelt testimony from our client, Mindy Goodin. Mindy began her Pilates journey several months ago with our instructor Tammy Awtry and her results have been incredible!

I had suffered from severe right sided sacroiliac pain for over two years. It affected everything I did. It interrupted my sleep, and kept me from doing activities I loved. I was afraid to pick up my grandkids. The pain made me grumpy and depressed as well.

I had a nerve ablation to the sacroiliac which helped some, but the muscles surrounding the area were unaffected and I still had pain and spasms constantly.

I saw an excellent chiropractor who helped significantly. After several months, I was much better, but not out of pain, and the area was easily aggravated. I realized that I had to make changes on MY end of things. The chiropractor suggested Pilates. Best advice I ever got!

I found Whole Living Pilates and it changed my life! I know that sounds melodramatic, but I have no more back pain. The muscles in my low back, pelvis, and around my sacroiliac are stronger and balanced. My whole body is stronger and more flexible. I have no plans to quit!

Tammy Awtry has been my incredible coach. She understands what I have gone through, works closely with me, and has always adapted to my needs. I feel like she has taken this journey as a partner as well as a coach. Her enthusiasm, knowledge, attention to detail, and encouragement have been the best part of my improvement!

It may sound corny, but the other changes I have seen include no more depression, greater confidence to do the things I want, and a lot more energy. My diet is better and I have lost a little weight. Quite a cascade effect from a simple question, “considered Pilates?”

Interested in seeing if Pilates is right for you? At Whole Living Pilates, we teach the original work of Joseph Pilates with a modern understanding of Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy. This unparalleled technique allows us to help our clients individually gain the results they are looking in their Pilates practice. Message us today to get started with your own Pilates journey!

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