MELT Level 1 and 2 Teacher

I discovered MELT at Whole Living Pilates when I was four months into a yearlong rehabilitation following a multi-level spinal fusion. After decades of physical therapy, I understood that all the body parts are connected; however, it was not until I discovered MELT that I figured out how an injury to one part of the body affects the rest of the body and the brain, how gentle treatment to one area indirectly benefits the other areas, and how simply I could help heal myself. MELT taught me how to use soft tools – a soft roller and soft balls – to become my own hands-off bodyworker.

I learned how to bridge the gap between physical therapy and real life and eliminate pain that has followed me for over 30 years. It has even allowed me to re-pattern my wounded nervous system and encourage my body to follow correct patterns of movement and breathing.

I am a graduate of UCCS and spent 20 years solving breastfeeding problems alongside mothers and babies as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). It is my pleasure to transition to helping a wider audience solve another problem that is just as dear to me: chronic pain. When not MELTing or doing Pilates, I am probably distance swimming or riding and camping with my mules in the back country of Colorado.