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We believe growing older can be a beautiful and positive experience, yet we understand that aging can also come with certain frustrations. Aches, pains and other inconveniences can increase with age. The Whole Living Pilates family knows that these can be frustrating, which is one reason why we believe in Pilates for seniors.

If you’re getting a bit older and are searching for a physical activity that will help you maintain mobility and avoid injuries as time goes on, Pilates is the ideal option. Get in touch with us for more information about our Pilates for Seniors program!

Improving Your Mobility and Stability through Pilates

Too often, mobility is one of the first things we lose as we get older. Our joints get stiff, our muscles get tight, and our lungs don’t have the same capacity they once did. But the good news is, incorporating Pilates into your fitness regimen as you get older is easy to do and helps fight the body’s inclination to lose mobility. Not only does Pilates for seniors help keep your muscles limber and active, but your joints will be far more lubricated, and you’ll avoid potential issues that come with high-impact activities like running. We want you to enjoy lifelong mobility and the freedom that comes with keeping your body strong, and our Pilates programs are designed to do just that.

Fight Aging with Strength

The fight against arthritis and injury becomes more difficult as we age. As the years go on, our bodies don’t have the same muscular definition or energy to exercise, but that doesn’t diminish its importance. To avoid the injury, you need to build strong abdominals and back muscles in order to keep your body functioning at the highest level. This isn’t to say you need to be ready to ski down a double black diamond slope or compete in a weightlifting competition, but a strong midsection will keep you from throwing your back out when you bend over to pick up a box.
Strong mind-body connections also keep you aware of what’s going on throughout your body, and they give you the ability to stop an activity or make adjustments before you find yourself on the floor. Pilates not only builds a strong body, but is vital in keeping your brain healthy too. We want to fight the expectation that aging means feeling older, and with a Pilates for seniors class at our studio, you can do just that!

Here at Whole Living Pilates, we strive to provide the most hands-on, personal, and effective Pilates experience in Colorado. Combating the ailments that come with aging can be troublesome, which is why we’ve developed Pilates programs for seniors that will keep you sharp and strong in mind, body, and spirit. We’re here to help with all of your Pilates practice needs, whether that’s a Pilates for beginners class, utilizing Pilates for rehab, or experiencing private Pilates for yourself. Please take a look at the packages we provide and reach out to get started.
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